How it works

How it works

1. Select the desired currency pair

To initiate an exchange on DollarPesa, begin by choosing the cryptocurrency you want to exchange. The platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, allowing you to select from all the popular options. Just pick the cryptocurrency you intend to sell from the "You send" dropdown, and correspondingly, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire from the "You receive" dropdown.

2. Specify the number of funds

After you have selected the desired cryptocurrency pair, please specify the number of funds you want to exchange and enter the address you want to receive the funds as a result of the exchange. Input your desired exchange amount into the "You send" field. The value in the "You receive" field will be automatically calculated, reflecting the present exchange rate.

3. Submit the wallet address

Finish by filling in the "wallet address" field, providing us with the address you want to receive the exchanged funds. We strongly recommend making a double-check to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

4. Make a transfer

Having successfully accomplished the previous steps, it is time to make a transfer. You will be seamlessly redirected to the exchange page, where the designated transfer address and the precise sum of funds to be transferred will be provided. Now as the last step, go to your wallet and send the exact amount of funds to the Dollarpesa address. Right after the transferred funds reach our account, we will notify you about it.

4. Receive your exchanged cryptocurrency

After you have confirmed all the details and made the transfer, Dollarpesa takes care of the rest. Our platform will seamlessly facilitate the exchange of your cryptocurrency at the most favorable prevailing rate. Once the transaction is complete, the exchanged funds will be transferred directly to the wallet address you provided. Transactions are typically finalized within a matter of minutes, though the timeline might extend due to network congestion. Be assured, your freshly acquired funds will be securely deposited into your wallet.