AML KYC Policy

AML KYC Policy


Anti-Money Laundering and Illegal Operations Policy

1. In accordance with the international legislation, the Service adheres to a number of rules and implements a number of procedures aimed at preventing the use of the Service for the purpose of money laundering transactions, as well as other transactions of illegal nature.

2. In order to prevent the transactions of illegal character, the Service establishes certain requirements to all the Requests created by the User:

  • Transfers in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited;
  • All the contact details stated in the User’s Order as well as any other personal information provided to the Service must be up to date and absolutely truthful;
  • It is strictly forbidden to submit Applications using anonymous proxy-servers or any other anonymous Internet connections.

3. The Service reserves the right to request a photo or video of the User’s ID within the framework of the KYC(Know Your Customer) policy. The Client’s identification information will be collected, stored, transferred and protected strictly in accordance with the Company’s Personal Data Processing Policy.

4. The User will be refused an exchange if the Service is not satisfied with the information provided, or there are doubts that he/she is who he/she claims to be.

5. The Service reserves the right to suspend all the User’s requests for exchange until the User has provided copies of the documents proving their identity and any other information required to check the transaction in the following cases:

  • If a violation of any of the requirements set forth in paragraph 2 of this Agreement is identified;
  • When the User’s application is stopped by the Illegal Transactions Prevention System;
  • If the Service has reasonable suspicion that the User is attempting to use the services of the Service for the purpose of conducting illegal transactions;
  • If any high-risk transactions using the User’s credentials are detected.

In turn, the User undertakes to provide the requested document within 7 working days from the receipt of the request to provide it, or to request the cancellation of the application.

6. The Service uses an internal verification and analysis system to identify high-risk transactions and addresses. The Service reserves the right not to disclose information about the methods and results of the User’s transaction verification.

7. Upon detecting high-risk transactions involving the User’s details, the Service reserves the right to cancel the application and return the funds or digital currencies deposited by the User. Funds are refunded only to the details from which the transfer was made. When refunds are made, all commission expenses for the transfer of funds or digital currencies are made from the funds received at the expense of the User, but no more than 5% of the amount of payment. The Service is not responsible for possible delays in refunds if they are not the fault of the Service.

8. In case of the User’s failure to provide the required documents, the Service reserves the right to refuse service in the future.

9. The Service retains the right to refuse to provide the User with any further service and transfer all the data of the User and all the data about the User’s transactions to the law enforcement authorities in case of

  • Detection of transactions aimed at money laundering, terrorist organizations financing, fraud of any kind, as well as transactions aimed at conducting any other illegal or unlawful operations;
  • If the Service has a reasonable suspicion that the document presented by the User for the User identification is counterfeit or invalid;
  • The receipt of information from the authorized bodies about the unauthorized possession of the User’s money or digital currencies, or other information making it impossible for the Service to provide services to the User;
  • Discovery of any actions or attempted actions of the User aimed at causing any negative impact on the hardware and software complex of the Service;
  • Discovery of any actions or attempted actions of the User aimed at theft of databases and other tangible and intangible property of the Service;
  • Discovery of any actions or attempted actions by the User which can cause any physical, material or non-material damage to the Service;
  • In case the funds are received from a card other than the one that was verified, the Service suspends the exchange. Funds on this request will be returned to the sender within 24 hours after the request and subject to the mandatory verification of the card from which the funds were received. All commissions for funds or digital currencies transfers will be deducted from the funds received at the User’s expense.

10. The Service reserves the right to suspend all the User’s requests for exchange until copies of documents or other information confirming the fact of payment have been received from the User.

11. Some exchange directions may not be available to the Users using the IP addresses of the countries under international sanctions.

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