Low and transparent fees. Attractive rebates and volume-based discounts.

Trading Fees

CategoryRefund FeesSale Fees Buy Fees Withdraw Fees
Crypto Currency0.2%0.2%0.2%0.2%
  • A negative fee implies that the trader would receive a rebate.
  • fees-tick-iconSettlement fee applies to all open contracts at the time of settlement.
  • fees-tick-iconThe trading fees for all contracts are charged on the notional size of the position.
  • Lower Fees on DollarPesa for High-Volume Traders.
  • Advantages of Negotiating Lower Fees on DollarPesa.

Minimum Exchange

Currency Name NetworkMinimum Exchange Maximum Exchange
AdvcashE-wallet1.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
WebmoneyE-wallet1.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
PayeerE-wallet1.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
Perfect MoneyE-wallet1.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
PayneeorE-wallet50.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
PyyplE-wallet5.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
CashmaalE-wallet10.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
MkcashE-wallet1.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BkashE-wallet100.0৳ BDT25000.0৳ BDT
Nagad E-wallet100.0৳ BDT25000.0৳ BDT
RocketE-wallet100.0৳ BDT25000.0৳ BDT
BankE-wallet10000.0৳ BDT100000.0৳ BDT
BankE-wallet100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
USDTERC2010.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
USDTTRC2010.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BinanceBEP201.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BinanceTRC201.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
Tron TRXTRC201.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BUSDBEP205.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BNBBEP205.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
Smart ChainBEP201.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
DogecoinDOGE10.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
DogecoinBEP2010.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
LitecoinLTC5.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
EthereumETH10.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
Bitcoin CashBCH10.0$ USD1000.0$ USD
BitcoinBTC10.0$ USD1000.0$ USD


CryptocurrencyNetworkWithdrawal Fees MinimumMaximum
CryptoTRC2010.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
CryptoERC2010.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
CryptoBEP2010.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
CryptoALL10.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
WalletE-wallet10.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
BankIBN10.0$ USD100.0$ USD10000.0$ USD
  • Majority of withdrawals are processed within 30 minutes; some withdrawals may take up to 24 hours.