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DollarPesa rate list for buying and selling.

Dollar Buying and Selling BDT Rate

Currency name Sell RateBuy RateMinimum
Advcash118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
Bitcoin118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1500.0৳ BDT
Bitcoin Cash118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1500.0৳ BDT
BUSD118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT600.0৳ BDT
Binance118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
BNB118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT500.0৳ BDT
Bank120.0৳ BDT112.0৳ BDT10000.0৳ BDT
Card Payment118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1500.0৳ BDT
Cashmaal118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1500.0৳ BDT
Payeer118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
Perfect Money118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
Payneeor118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT5500.0৳ BDT
Pyypl118.0৳ BDT116.0৳ BDT750.0৳ BDT
Mkcash118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
USDT118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1100.0৳ BDT
Tron TRX118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
Smart Chain BNB118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT
Dogecoin118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1100.0৳ BDT
Ethereum118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT1500.0৳ BDT
Litecoin118.0৳ BDT110.0৳ BDT600.0৳ BDT
Webmoney110.0৳ BDT95.0৳ BDT150.0৳ BDT

Dollar Buying and Selling USD Rate

Currency name Sell RateBuy RateMinimum
Advcash1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Bitcoin1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Binance1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Card Payment1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Payeer1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Perfect Money1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Payneeor1.0$ USD0.95$ USD50.0$ USD
Pyypl1.0$ USD0.95$ USD5.0$ USD
Cashmaal1.0$ USD0.90$ USD10.0$ USD
Mkcash1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Bank1.0$ USD0.95$ USD100.0$ USD
USDT1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Tron TRX1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
BUSD1.0$ USD0.95$ USD5.0$ USD
BNB1.0$ USD0.95$ USD5.0$ USD
Smart Chain BNB1.0$ USD0.95$ USD1.0$ USD
Dogecoin1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Litecoin1.0$ USD0.95$ USD5.0$ USD
Ethereum1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Bitcoin Cash1.0$ USD0.95$ USD10.0$ USD
Webmoney1.10$ USD1.0$ USD1.0$ USD