Redotpay Card Review 2024

5 mins 1 month ago Jan 20, 2024
Author: Mohammed Yousuf Syed
Redotpay Visa Card

How to get a RedotPay Visa card for free. You can easily get a RedotPay Card through the RedotPay Bank app.

The search engine for RedotPay Bank has increased recently, especially for those who want to complete their banking transactions and obtain a card to facilitate online payment operations and be able to purchase all the goods and services they want to obtain through the Internet or through electronic stores, and obtaining a bank card is one of the most important things that they search for.

About those who profit from the Internet in order to withdraw the achieved profits, and through our article today we will explain to you the most important information about RedotPay Bank, how to extract a RedotPay card, the card fees, as well as how to open a RedotPay account.

Redotpay Visa Card

Explanation of RedotPay Bank

Explanation of RedotPay. During the recent period, The Bank was established to enable financial transactions through the Internet. The bank is considered one of the most important and leading banks currently in banking transactions.

The company is famous for providing many advanced electronic services. In addition, it has established many investments in most countries. Arab countries, and one of the most important of these countries is Algeria. The bank is characterized by many advantages, the most prominent of which is the possibility of issuing a virtual card in order to complete financial procedures via the Internet and find solutions to the problems faced by self-employed people via the Internet.

RedotPay Card

The RedotPay Bank Card is a Visa card through which the user can complete online payments, where various products and goods are purchased from online stores, and various services are also available from all websites. In addition, the user can receive and send money through it.

RedotPay card features: There are many benefits that the user can obtain when issuing a the card, including:

  • The card is a digital wallet that allows the use of several different currencies.
  • You can request a plastic card and use it to withdraw in your country
  • Funds transfer is instant between accounts.
  • The bank card is approved for use worldwide.
  • It allows the user to charge the card through several available methods.
  • It is available by activating a PayPal account.
  • Through it, payment is made via the Internet.
  • One of the safest payment methods for all customers in the world.
  • The card fees are very low, almost non-existent, and are suitable for everyone.
  • Now support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Grab, Uber, Line, Trip, airbnb.

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How to register with RedotPay Bank

Methods of registering in RedotPay Bank. the bank’s application must be downloaded on the phone, whether it is iPhone or Android, as the application is available for all types of mobile phones. There are several steps and conditions for the registration process to be successful in the bank, which are:

  1. You can register in the first step from the bank’s website via this link: Register now
  2. You can also register directly by downloading the card application: android or ios

Use any method you like. In the end, you must download the application anyway


Requirements to activate your Redotpay account

  • Your ID card or passport must be scanned in order for the account to be created without any problem.
  • After this, the rest of the personal data is completed, including the name, and the email assigned to the user is linked to the account so that it can be accessed in the future.
  • The mobile number must also be entered to complete all the necessary steps.

Thus, the customer has obtained the bank card, through which all distinguished services are available through the application.


How to Deposit Redotpay 

Connect RedotPay card with PayPal

We will talk about our experience of linking the RedotPay card with PayPal. Through the link, you can pay through your PayPal account to other people without fees so far from the card’s bank.

Redotpay Card With PaypalExperience sending money via card RedotPay linked to PayPal

In this way, the card works 100% correctly for payment and linking with PayPal.

I am currently experimenting with withdrawing money from PayPal to the card RedotPay, and we will update you soon.

RedotPay card limitations & fees

Card Limit Per Transaction 100,000$
Transaction limit Daily Limit 100,000$
ATM Withdrawal Daily Limit 200,000$

Virtual Card Vs Physical Card

Application for the Physical Card

  1. Complete identity verification and deposit the equivalent digital assets for the physical card payment.
  2. Navigate to the card application page, select the physical card option, and click the “Order Card” button.
  3. Fill in your billing address, shipping address, and personal signature.
  4. Complete the payment.
  5. Once you see a successful , wait for the card to be Ship To You .
  6. Upon receiving the card, activate it according to the provided instructions.
  7. Its price is $100
Physical Card

Application for the Virtual Card

  1. Complete identity verification and deposit the equivalent digital assets for the virtual card payment.
  2. Navigate to the card application page, select the virtual card option, and click the “Order Card” button.
  3. Fill in your billing address.
  4. Complete the payment.
  5. After a moment, the virtual card will successfully.
  6. Its price is $10
Redotpay Visa Card

Networks and Cryptocurrencies supported by RedotPay

Cryptocurrencies Networks
Bitcoin BTC
Ethereum ETH BSC
Redotpay Card Review 2024

Cryptocurrencies supported

There are offers within the application through which you can get the card in an offer for $5 or $8

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